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The philosophy of Yin Yang, embodied by the Tai Chi movements, teaches us to flow with life’s changes.  The way to happiness is through balance and harmony in all aspects of life.

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Our mission is to help people to establish centredness and balance in life so that they enjoy good health and calmness of mind.  This enables them to reach their potential and enjoy the quality of life throughout their lifespan.

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Carl (1)
Practising the Hun Yuan Tai Chi has resulted in a definite improvement in my physical and general well-being. After only a few months of training, I felt my joints loosening up and becoming stronger and my stress levels melting away. The form also teaches you how to use your body more effectively in everyday situations, and promotes a calm relaxing state of mind. I also have more energy and a better quality of sleep. Now having learnt and practised the form for nearly eighteen months, I find there is still so much more to learn from each movement and the form in general. Tai Chi has opened my mind to a whole new approach to improving my fitness, health and general well being. Try it - you'll be pleasantly surprised by the results.
Carl, Public Servant
Natalie (1)
I owe many thanks to Brett and Fontane for teaching me Hun Yuan Tai Chi. This form of Tai Chi has allowed me to achieve calmness, relaxation, flexibility and a balance between work and family life. I work in a very busy Neonatal Intensive Care Unit caring for premature babies and their families. This work is very rewarding but very intense at times. Also, I have a busy family, with life throwing unexpected obstacles in the way. Last year, I was on the verge of 'burnout' with high blood pressure, tense neck and shoulder muscles and generally feeling lousy. I found that Hun Yuan Tai Chi is a holistic form of exercise that enables me to have 'time out' and become healthier into the bargain. Since learning Hun Yuan Tai Chi, my blood pressure is back to normal, and I have a feeling of peacefulness and well-being that I carry into my work and family life. I would recommend everyone to give Tai Chi a go. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!
Natalie, Neonatal Nurse
claire (1)
Since taking up Tai Chi eleven months ago, I have noticed great improvements in my health and general well-being. The relaxation and quiet standing has helped me to deal with stress in my life and I feel calmer and more centred. I am a much happier person because of Tai Chi! I remember in the Beginners class that Brett encouraged us to try and practise something every day, even if it was for a very short time – for example doing some warm ups when waiting for the kettle to boil. I get a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders, probably from sitting at a computer all day, and so I decided to at least do the warm ups that target the neck and shoulders and back, every day. I am happy to report that I have experienced great benefits from these exercises and have a lot more movement in my neck and less tension in my shoulders. I thoroughly enjoy all parts of the Tai Chi experience and I know that it will continue to make a big difference in my life.
Claire, Librarian
Jon (1)
What I have noticed since starting the Tai Chi form is that it keeps me supple. I really notice if I don’t practise for a few days. Another thing is that it has helped me to be aware of tension in different parts of my body, particularly in the shoulders when driving etc. As I get nearer to finishing learning the complete form, I’m starting to notice the benefits of performing the movements - the flow and sensations of relaxation, peace and well-being. I particularly notice this now when I’m doing the early stages of the form that I now know reasonably well. I don’t have to think and remember what comes next. I’m looking forward to finishing learning it. The practice and effort is definitely worth it.
Jon, Registered Nurse
Silvana (1)
When I first saw the movements of Hun Yuan Tai Chi, I did not immediately understand their power. However, following the first lesson, I became a total convert as I immediately felt the subtle but strong effects of this new form. The smooth movements are so carefully designed to activate an immediate flow of energy, promoting an almost instant feel of moving meditation, bringing with it a sense of calm and centeredness. With other meditative methods, this can only be achieved following a long period of practice. It is a very accessible form, where for the first time, it was easy to feel qi, and understand its connection to the principles of Chinese medicine and philosophy.
Silvana, Consultant
Anita (2)
The more I relax, the more I enjoy Tai Chi - and the more I practise, the more I relax! I've become more aware of tension in my body and more instinctive about the need to relax my muscles throughout my day's activities. Tai Chi has enabled me to manage a shoulder injury without surgical intervention and I'm sure it has generally strengthened my whole body. The more I improve, the more it feels like I'm dancing in water which is quite a joyful experience!"
Anita, Librarian
Kendall (1)
After an awkward beginning, I am now starting to see the benefits of consistent practice of the Hun Yuan form in many areas of my life. As well as the positive effects on my general health such as increased leg strength, better balance and straighter posture, I am also able to relax more while doing everyday things.experience!"
Kendall, IT Manager
claire landscape architect (1)
I was drawn to Tai Chi primarily for relaxation. However, over my two years with the Tai Chi Academy, I have become aware of the much greater depth and variety of enjoyable and meaningful experiences to be found within Tai Chi and Qigong. It is a pleasure to explore the movements and to notice subtle changes in feeling and focus. In a world that seems more and more focused on dramatic short term goals, it is humbling (and exciting) that the development of these skills is endless and life long. Tai Chi shines direct awareness on the essential internal aspects of everyday life, such as being centred, calm, mindful and disciplined. The flowing and rhythmic flavour of Hun Yuan Tai Chi makes it a joy to practice. The circular, open and close movements of the form really help to develop the connection between legs and upper body. Looking back now, I don’t think I ever really appreciated (or used) my waist before Tai Chi!
Stephanie, Landscape Architect
Richard (2)
My wife and I have been practising Tai Chi for a period of over eighteen months. In that time, I have experienced a change in my body. The spiralling motions of the Hun Yuan Style have relaxed my joints and strengthened muscles. I now have a suppleness of body that I cannot remember having before. Combined with the quiet meditation of Qigong, I enjoy a calm mind and relaxed body. An arthritic shoulder condition has improved to the extent that the joint is fully mobile and there is no pain.
Richard, Retiree

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Tai Chi, Qigong (energy cultivation) and internal martial arts, such as Wu Dao Gong, are great treasures. They represent the culmination of China’s ancient knowledge of health (physical and mental well-being), self-defence, internal energy development and healing modalities. These time-proven arts are needed nowadays more than ever to balance our fast-paced society. They are an antidote to stress that affects everyone. This is a mountain of knowledge that can lead you to a happier and more fulfilled life. This knowledge can transform and revitalise you in body, mind, and spirit.

We are passionate about bringing this very practical knowledge to all those who want to take care of their health and well-being. Chief Instructor Brett Wagland has dedicated 40 years to the practice and research of the best methods available. Our instructors have benefitted from practising these arts themselves and are glad to share these life tools with you.

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Classes at Aranda, Weston and Curtin begin the week 10 Oct.

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