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Tai Chi nourishes your mind and body through its unique, smooth and continuous flowing movements.

Tai Chi : a Gentle Way to Relieve Stress

The Hun Yuan Tai Chi system is unique in that it promotes deep relaxation, stimulates energy circulation, improves mental health and enables you to feel your energy more easily.
After a Tai Chi session, you will feel relaxed, refreshed and revitalised. You will benefit greatly from our professionalism & 40 years of experience in teaching Tai Chi  

Free Tai Chi Introductory Online Session for Physical & Mental Well-Being

What will you learn in the Tai Chi online course?

In this Tai Chi online course, each video lesson has the following structure.

(1)  Warm-ups to get the body moving: a series of simple yet effective joint loosening exercises that help to relax stiff muscles and joints, increasing their flexibility.

(2)  Qigong (Chi Kung): an ancient technique for calming the mind and relaxing the body.  It improves posture, increases energy levels, and trains us to maintain centredness.  Qigong connects us with the calmness within.

(3)  Learning individual movements of the Hun Yuan Tai Chi for beginners step by step.  These smooth, circular movements help to restore internal balance and to induce relaxation and tranquillity.

(4)  Practising the Hun Yuan Tai Chi form from the beginning to the point where the last element was taught.  Experience meditation in motion through the flow and unique characteristics of Hun Yuan Tai Chi.

(5)  Training tips.

With each Tai Chi video lesson, you enjoy the best of both worlds.  The setting of the warm-ups and Qigong, in a lovely park with tall trees, is calming and revitalizing.  Then, the setting for learning the individual Tai Chi movements and practising the tai chi 24 form is in a studio with a wall of full-length mirrors.  You will be able to follow Brett while seeing his movements clearly from the mirrors.  In fact, students in physical classes have never seen the movements as clearly as on these videos!  You now have the best spot in class!

This Tai Chi online course for physical and mental well-being is excellent in value!  By subscribing to the streaming video course for AUD$180 (GST included), you will receive the following:

10 weekly video lessons plus 2 bonus video lessons, so a total of 12 Tai Chi video lessons delivered weekly.  You have access to all the online lessons and bonuses indefinitely.

        PLUS, these 6 Tai Chi video bonuses help you to develop a greater understanding and further assist your training:
– Bonus 1, Warm-ups in Detail
– Bonus 2, Quiet Standing Postures
– Bonus 3, Essential Silk Reeling Exercises
– Bonus 4, Slow Walking to Strengthen the Legs
– Bonus 5, Short Warm-ups & Qigong – use this for a quick pick-me-up refresher on its own or with Bonus 6
– Bonus 6, Level 1 Form 4 rounds – this will come in handy on days when you simply wish to do the Form with Brett and nothing else.  Sometimes, you might want to do your own warm-ups and Qigong but would like to do the Form with Brett, as many rounds as you wish.

            The Tai Chi video lessons vary from approximately 1 hr 6 mins to 1 hr 26 mins.  However, you can always make the lesson shorter by replacing the Warm-ups and Qigong in each individual lesson with Bonus 5 (Short Warm-ups & Qigong).  

          The Tai Chi for beginners online video course is available through streaming.  You will be able to view the videos anywhere, anytime, as long as you have internet access. 

Learn Tai Chi for Beginners Online & Enjoy the Proven Physical & Mental Health Benefits of Tai Chi Anywhere, Anytime!

Who can use my Tai Chi Online Learning account?

The Tai Chi video lessons in your account are for your own personal use.  They are not meant to be shared with others.  Each user should have his/her own account and subscribe to the course he/she wishes to learn.

What payment platform does the Tai Chi Academy use and is it secure?

We use Stripe which is certified to the highest industry standards and has obtained regulatory licenses around the world.  Like PayPal, Stripe is a trusted secure worldwide online payment system.  However, Stripe welcomes more payment options than PayPal.  As well as major debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, JCB), Stripe also accepts digital wallets (Apple Pay, Ali Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, Masterpass by Mastercard, Visa Checkout, WeChat Pay).  Millions of companies in over 120 countries use Stripes, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Kickstarter, Spotify, Expedia, Booking.com, Uber, Deliveroo, Unicef, National Geographic and many others.

When you experience our Tai Chi online classes, you will understand the reasons it has become one of the most popular and effective ways to relax, relieve stress, and better health.


“Thank you both so much, what a wonderful initiative! I’ve just completed my first class, it was fantastic – thank you again. Technology and sound are wonderful. The videos look sensational – wonderful quality!”

Jain, retired


“I am really enjoying this course. It is helping me to relieve stress physically and mentally. I’ve done other online courses and found them difficult to learn from. Your instruction is clear and the mirrors make it so much easier to see the movements and follow. Thank you for the effort you have put into producing these Tai Chi online classes.”

Michael, director

“It is great to have this ‘private tuition’. I’m loving the lessons! I feel calm after doing the lesson and I sleep better.”

Anita, public servant

“I am now halfway through this Tai Chi online course. The gentle movements are loosening my stiff shoulders. Now I can feel it when I tense up my shoulders and neck and remind myself to relax. I move better and feel more relaxed. Thank you for passing on the knowledge of Tai Chi exercise to someone who is a thousand miles away!”

Richard, carpenter

“After a long day, there is nothing like doing Tai Chi to recharge my batteries. I look forward to my Tai Chi time. I feel refreshed after the lesson. It helps me sleep deeply. Thank you for these wonderful online lessons.”

Caroline, counsellor


Classes at Aranda, Weston and Curtin begin the week 10 Oct.

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