Tai Chi Academy

The Academy, which has no religious connections, has been conducting Tai Chi classes since 1982.  Through research, experience and inspiration, the Academy has developed a well-formulated and time-proven method of teaching Tai Chi which produces fast and effective results.

What will Tai Chi do for You?

If You were to Gather this Knowledge
of Tai Chi Yourself:

… you’d have to invest much time and money to study and train for at least 10 years.

or you can tap into the resources available from the Tai Chi Academy at a convenient location close to home or online!

Meet Brett & Fontane

Chief Instructor Brett Wagland, who is the director of the Academy, has devoted 40 years to the training and research of the best methods available.  He himself has benefitted tremendously from practising Tai Chi and is passionate to share these life tools with you.

Fontane Ip is the assistant director of the Tai Chi
Academy.  She has 32 years of teaching experience in relaxation and internal health techniques.  As well as Tai Chi, Fontane specialises in Qigong (energy cultivation) and meditation training.  She teaches very uncommon Qigong practices which are rarely known even in the internal health arts circle.  Her teaching style is methodical and easy to follow.  She excels in explaining the relevance of this ancient wisdom as it applies to our daily lives.  She is highly regarded by all those who learn from her.

Brett and Fontane are the creators and presenters of the television series “Let’s Get Fit”, an innovative exercise program of 65 episodes, based on Tai Chi.  This most popular program on Foxtel’s Lifestyle channel is the first of its kind in Australia.  The series was also broadcast in Central America, South America and Europe.  They have successfully trained thousands of people of all ages and occupations to enjoy the many health benefits of Tai Chi.

They also conduct stress management workshops and courses for government departments and private companies.  Brett has been conducting regular special classes for the Canberra Hospital to promote health and well-being.

Brett and Fontane have studied with well-respected teachers, including Grandmaster Fu Sheng Yuan, 5th generation ambassador of Yang Style.  They also had the good fortune to train with the founder of the Hun Yuan Tai Chi system, Grandmaster Feng Zhi Qiang, Feng Xiu Qian (his daughter) and Chen Xiang (his senior disciple).

Finally, no matter where you live, it is possible to train with Brett and Fontane!  Their knowledge and skills are now accessible to you anywhere, anytime.  You’ll find the Tai Chi online lessons methodical and easy to follow, the hallmark of Brett’s and Fontane’s teaching styles.



Classes at Aranda, Weston and Curtin begin the week 10 Oct.

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